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Supporting your child's needs

Supporting your child's needs

Children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it more difficult for them to learn than other children of the same age.

Use this section of the website to understand the ways children and young people in York may get some additional support for their SEN, starting from when you or someone in your child’s life, such as their class teacher, has concerns about their progress.

What are Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

A quick guide to increase your understanding of what we mean by 'SEN.'

Identifying Special Educational Needs (SEN)

How is a Special Educational Need identified and what happens next.

Special Educational Need (SEN) support

An explanation of what SEN support is and what this might look like for your child or young person.

Ordinarily available provision

Read more about the offer of support from schools and settings in our ordinarily available provision page.

Assess, Plan, Do, Review Cycle

The 4 stages of the graduated approach that allows parent carers as well as the school to get a better understanding of the child or young person's needs.

Support by need

Find support available to your child or young person based on their presenting needs.