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Outcomes Framework

Outcome Framework Descriptors

We know that the 7 Outcomes will mean different things to different children. We understand this, and with the help of families, we have come up with a range of descriptors for each outcome. Your child however may feel safe, included or healthy for example, in other ways to what is stated in the descriptors, and that is ok too.

I am safe

  • I am empowered to make choices that support my safety
  • All people who support me receive enough training to know how to really care for me
  • All of my needs are considered and met
  • I am loved and feel understood
  • My physical and mental health is taken seriously and I feel supported
  • I feel safe at school, and I am supported if I get bullied
  • My home and school are safe environments
  • I can move around school on my own, I don’t need the support of a teacher
  • I can get to school safely

I am becoming more independent

  • I have a range of options for education, employment and progression
  • I have opportunities to be independent
  • I have a choice about my future, and my choices are respected
  • I can get to school on my own or with friends
  • I can travel independently
  • I am living life to the best of my ability

I can overcome challenges and difficulties on my own or with support

  • I know that it is okay to make mistakes and that’s okay
  • I can learn from past experiences to help make decisions about my future
  • I am able to name and manage my emotions
  • I am self-aware and confident
  • I have people I can trust to help me
  • My transitions are supported

I achieve my goals

  • My achievements are celebrated and I feel valued
  • I have a good work/life balance
  • I am able to access activities and have fun
  • I am happy
  • I have a range of career or education options, my education/qualifications are not limited
  • I am working towards realistic goals in my future
  • I have a sense of success and I know it is okay to make mistakes or fail

I have choice and am heard

  • I am able to communicate in my preferred way and given a range of ways to express my needs
  • The communication and language used around me is easy to understand
  • I am listened to by everyone that supports me and my views are used to make decisions
  • I understand my options and I am supported to make informed decisions
  • I am given time to explore my choices
  • I always feel I am in a supportive environment where people put my best interests first
  • I am given a choice of all options available to me even if they are not normally offered
  • People around me know that everyone is different and the support needed to be involved will differ

I am included

  • I know my rights
  • I am able to fulfil my wishes, without experiencing exclusion
  • I am included in all decisions made about me, and encouraged to be involved
  • Every conversation about me, starts with me
  • I am able to communicate and be involved in the way I want
  • The people around me use language that is easy to understand, so that I feel involved
  • I can make friends and be involved with things my peers do
  • My needs are supported so that I can access things that I want to
  • My feelings, thoughts and wishes are heard, understood and respected

I am healthy

  • My health has not worsened
  • I am well enough to have a fulfilling life, including carry out activities I enjoy and accessing education
  • Mind and body balances
  • Making good choices about diet exercises
  • My health passport is read by hospital staff so I don’t have to repeat
  • My physical and mental health are supported sufficiently
  • My needs are respected and understood by people at school, and they know how to support me